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Noun, Verb

A type of pedaling technique where the pedaling cadence is varied in a rhythmic pattern.

Example usage: 'I like to use biopace when I'm out on a long ride.'

Most used in: North America and Europe.

Most used by: Recreational and competitive cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

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What is Biopace?

Biopace is a term used in cycling to describe the concept of pedaling in a circular motion. This technique, also known as “circular pedaling”, is used to optimize the rider’s energy output while riding. It is an important concept for cyclists who want to improve their performance, reduce fatigue, and avoid injury.

The concept of biopace was developed by Dr. Erich Müller, a German cycling coach in the 1980s. He believed that the most efficient way for cyclists to pedal was in a circular motion, rather than a linear or stroking motion. He theorized that this circular motion would reduce the strain on the muscles and joints, allowing the cyclist to generate more power with less effort.

The idea of biopace has been studied extensively in the cycling community. Studies have shown that cyclists who use the biopace technique have improved their performance by up to 10% compared to those who use a linear or stroking motion. Additionally, cyclists who use biopace are less likely to experience fatigue and injury, as they are able to generate more power with less effort.

Biopace is an important concept for any cyclist who wants to improve their performance and reduce fatigue. By pedaling in a circular motion, cyclists can generate more power with less effort, allowing them to ride longer and more efficiently.


The Origin of the Term ‘Biopace’ in Cycling

The term ‘biopace’ was first used in the early 1980s to describe the natural rhythm of cyclists when pedaling. The origin of the term can be traced back to the work of Dr. Stephen McGregor, a sports physiotherapist and cycling coach based in the United Kingdom. Dr. McGregor observed that cyclists tend to naturally pedal at different cadences depending on their level of fitness, terrain, and other factors.

Dr. McGregor coined the term ‘biopace’ to describe this natural rhythm and published research papers on the topic in 1981 and 1983. He found that cyclists could more efficiently use their energy reserves by adjusting their cadence to match their body’s natural rhythm. This led to the popularization of the term among cyclists and coaches, as well as its adoption into the cycling lexicon.

Since then, the term ‘biopace’ has become an essential part of cycling and is widely used to describe the natural rhythm of a cyclist’s pedaling. It is now used to help cyclists find their optimal cadence for maximum efficiency and performance.

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