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kad-uhns wur-kowts


Exercises designed to increase cycling speed through increased pedaling cadence

Example usage: 'I'm incorporating cadence-workouts into my training regimen for greater cycling efficiency.'

Most used in: Road cycling communities

Most used by: Serious road cyclists

Popularity: 8

Comedy Value: 3

Also see: Intervals, Tempo Rides, Fartlek, Spin-Ups,


What is Cadence-Workouts in Cycling?

Cadence-workouts are a type of cycling training that focuses on the revolutions per minute (RPM) that a cyclist pedals in order to increase their performance. Cadence-workouts involve cycling at a higher RPM than what the cyclist is used to in order to improve their muscular strength, muscular endurance, and overall cycling efficiency.

The goal of cadence-workouts is to improve the cyclist’s ability to cycle faster and more efficiently for longer periods of time. Generally, cadence-workouts involve cycling at 80-100 RPM for a period of time and then repeating this process multiple times during a single workout. The idea behind this is that cycling at a higher RPM helps to increase the cyclist’s muscular strength and endurance, as well as their overall cycling efficiency.

Studies have shown that cadence-workouts can help cyclists improve their performance, with cyclists who regularly completed cadence-workouts showing an average improvement in performance of 3.7%. Additionally, cadence-workouts have also been shown to help cyclists reduce the amount of time it takes them to complete a given distance, with cyclists completing distances faster by an average of 1.1%.

Cadence-workouts are an effective way for cyclists to improve their performance and reduce the amount of time it takes them to complete a given distance. Cyclists of all levels can benefit from incorporating cadence-workouts into their training regimen in order to improve their overall cycling efficiency.


Cadence-Workouts: A Cycling Phenomenon

Cadence-workouts, or cycling with a specific pedaling rate, is a popular training method among cyclists today. It is believed that the term was first used in the United States in the late 1980s to refer to the practice of regularly cycling at a specific cadence to improve cycling performance. It was first popularized by the American cyclist and coach, Ed Burke, who was known for his use of high cadence-workouts in his training program.

Since its introduction, the practice of cadence-workouts has been embraced by cyclists around the world. It has been used as an effective way to increase power output, improve efficiency, and reduce fatigue. The benefits of cadence-workouts have been studied extensively, and the results suggest that cycling at a consistent cadence can significantly improve the performance of cyclists, both amateur and professional.

Today, cadence-workouts are a staple of many cyclists’ training regimens. Whether it’s a professional cyclist or a recreational rider, cadence-workouts are a great way to improve performance and stay in shape. So, if you’re looking for a way to take your cycling performance to the next level, why not give cadence-workouts a try?

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