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nee-gah-tiv split

Noun, verb

Negative Split is when a cyclist completes the second half of a ride faster than the first.

Example usage: I'm going to attempt a negative split on this ride.

Most used in: Triathlon races and long-distance cycling events.

Most used by: Endurance athletes and cyclists who are experienced in pacing themselves.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

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What is a Negative Split?

A negative split is a term used in cycling that refers to a style of riding where the second half of the ride is faster than the first half. The goal of a negative split is to conserve energy early on and then finish strong. This type of riding allows cyclists to avoid fatigue and maintain a steady pace throughout their ride.

In terms of statistics, a negative split involves a cyclist's average speed for their ride. For example, if a cyclist rides for an hour and their average speed for the first half of the ride is 10 miles per hour and their average speed for the second half is 12 miles per hour, the cyclist has achieved a negative split.

Negative splits can be used for a variety of cycling activities, from short-distance sprints to long-distance rides. It is a popular technique among competitive cyclists, as it can help them conserve energy and finish faster than their competitors.


The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Negative Split'

The term “Negative Split” was first used in the early 1900s in Northern Europe. It was used to describe a technique employed by competitive cyclists to increase their speed during a race. By dividing their race into two halves, they would aim to complete the second half faster than the first. This technique is known as a “Negative Split”.

The concept of a “Negative Split” has since been adopted by athletes in a range of different sports. It is now used to describe any performance where the second half or section is completed faster than the first. This technique is widely used in endurance events such as running and cycling, as well as in sports such as swimming and rowing.

The term “Negative Split” is now widely used in the cycling community, and is seen as an important part of race strategy. It is a way of ensuring that a cyclist is able to maintain their speed and energy levels throughout a race, and can be an effective way of increasing the chances of victory.

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