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Tork Klimb-ing

Noun, Verb

Torque Climbing is a technique used by unicyclists to climb hills and inclines.

Example usage: 'I used torque climbing to get up the steep hill on my unicycle.'

Most used in: Mountain unicycling, where the terrain is more challenging.

Most used by: Experienced unicyclists, who are looking for a challenge.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: Cadence Climbing, Grinding, Spinning, Mashing,


What is Torque Climbing?

Torque Climbing is a cycling technique used to increase efficiency and power when riding uphill. The technique involves putting more force into the pedals to generate more torque, which in turn increases the cyclist’s speed and power. Torque climbing is a great way to improve both performance and efficiency when going up hills and mountains.

The technique involves pushing down on the pedals with more force than usual in order to generate more torque. This increased torque then helps the cyclist to climb up hills more quickly and efficiently. It also helps to reduce fatigue, as the cyclist is able to use their legs to generate more power with less effort.

Studies have shown that torque climbing can increase a cyclist’s power output by up to 25%, while also reducing the amount of energy used during the climb. This makes it a great technique for anyone looking to improve their climbing performance.

Torque climbing is a great technique for any cyclist, whether they are a beginner or a professional. It can help to improve performance and efficiency, while also reducing fatigue. So if you’re looking to get the most out of your cycling, be sure to give torque climbing a try.


The Origin of Torque Climbing in Cycling

The term 'torque climbing' was first used in the late 1990s in the cycling world. This term refers to a technique used in mountain biking and road cycling to increase speed and efficiency when pedaling. It involves the use of high torque applied to the pedals to increase power and speed when climbing a hill or mountain.

Torque climbing was popularized in the United States by professional cyclists, especially in the mountainous regions of the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada. It soon spread to other parts of the world and is now used by recreational cyclists and competitive athletes alike.

The technique of torque climbing is based on the concept of torque, which is the force of rotation or the amount of rotational force applied to a pedal. By applying more torque to the pedals as you climb a hill or mountain, you can increase your speed and efficiency. This technique can be used to great effect on steep climbs or when riding on trails with technical terrain.

Torque climbing has become an integral part of cycling for many riders and is an important skill for those looking to compete in mountain biking and road racing. With the right technique and practice, anyone can learn to use torque climbing to increase their speed and efficiency when climbing.

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