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Airolube Universal Bike Cleaner 500ml

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A biodegradable eco friendly cleaning spray for general purpose bike cleaning.

Our hunt for the best cleaning products took us to the Netherlands, the global home of cycling. Airolube produce the largest plant-based cleaning range in the Netherlands and this vegetable formula bike cleaning spray has been developed to easily remove stubborn dirt, without damaging the paint of your frame or other parts of your bike.

With a 100% biodegradable formula you can rest knowing that you wont be releasing any bioaccumulative chemicals into the environment, and you can just pop the bottle in the recycling once it's all been used up.  

Airolube Universal Bike Cleaner is perfect for use with our 3 in 1 bike cleaning brushes. These include a claw brush for sprockets and hard to reach areas, a circular brush for your tyres and frame, and a general purpose brush for use on the entire bike. 

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