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Rehook Emergency Bike Repair Kit
New for Christmas 2021


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The complete lightweight emergency tool kit for cyclists.
Includes Rehook Plus Multi Tool, Gooeys Glueless Puncture Repair kits, Rehook Air Mini Universal Bike Pump, Reload Tool Bits.

The Rehook Emergency Bike Repair Kit contains essential tools to combat everyday cycling issues. Each item is precision engineered to be as lightweight and compact as possible. The tools come stylishly presented in this sleek presentation box. Everything you need to get you back on your bike.


  • Rehook Plus Multi Tool
    Rehook chain tool head, 2x tyre levers, 2x
    spoke keys, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm wrenches, 5mm and
    6mm hex/Allen keys, PH1 Phillips screwdriver,
    attachment strap, additional tyre lever
  • Reload Tin
    5x additional tool bits - T25, T30, PH1, H5, H6
    • Rehook Air Mini Universal Bike Pump
      For all valves. Bike frame bracket, ball pump needle
    • 2x Gooeys Glueless Puncture Repair Kits


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