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Revive Cleaning Range
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Elevate your bike care routine with the Rehook Revive Complete Bike Care Kit. This all-encompassing kit is carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive solution for maintaining and reviving your bike, ensuring it stays in peak condition.
The kit features a range of high-quality products, starting with the Universal Bike Cleaner. Formulated to tackle dirt, grime, and grease, this cleaner effortlessly restores your bike's shine while being safe for all surfaces.
For a thorough drivetrain cleanse, the Bio Drivetrain Degreaser is an essential addition. It effectively breaks down stubborn grease and oil, leaving your drivetrain pristine and ready for optimal performance.
To protect and enhance your bike's frame, the Frame Speed Wax is included. This premium wax creates a protective barrier, shielding your frame against the elements while giving it a glossy finish.
Keeping your chain in top shape is made easy with the Bio Chain Lube and Bio Chain Wax. The Bio Chain Lube provides excellent lubrication, reducing friction and enhancing shifting efficiency. Alternatively, the Bio Chain Wax offers long-lasting protection, repelling dirt and ensuring a smooth ride.
Tyre maintenance is not forgotten in this kit. The Tyre Conditioner is designed to rejuvenate and protect your tires, providing optimal grip and extending their lifespan, not to mention giving them that shiny brand new look.
To assist you in reaching every nook and cranny, the kit includes three versatile brushes. The All Purpose Brush tackles larger surface areas, the Two Pronged Brush reaches into tight spaces, and the Claw Brush takes care of hard-to-reach areas with precision.
To facilitate application and cleaning, the kit also contains a premium Expanding Cellulose Sponge and four Recycled Microfibre Cloths. These high-quality materials ensure gentle handling and optimal absorption for efficient cleaning.
All these products come neatly packed in our convenient Wash & Store Bucket, providing a container for water when cleaning and keeping your bike care essentials organised and easily accessible.
With the Rehook Revive Complete Bike Care Kit, maintaining your bike has never been simpler. Elevate your cycling experience by ensuring your bike remains in peak condition, ride after ride.

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