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AtoBetter Cycling Equipment Bundle

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The AtoBetter project is a active travel project in Norfolk. It is fully funded by housing developers, so the activities they offer in your community are free of charge.

Get this cycling equipment bundle FREE with your AtoBetter voucher.


Enter your AtoBetter voucher code at checkout to receive this bundle completely free, including FREE shipping.

Don't have your voucher yet? Apply via Norfolk County Council

Read more about A2Better


I bought the Rehook Original a few months ago and surprisingly I’ve had to use it 4 times. It’s absolutely brilliant! Everything you claim for it is true. I’ve been able to put the chain back without any mess and carry on with my journey. Thanks for inventing it!

- Phil

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Rehook and AtoBetter Cycle Voucher Bundle?

The Rehook and AtoBetter Cycle Voucher Bundle is a collaborative initiative to promote sustainable transportation. It offers eligible participants a selection of high-quality cycling equipment, worth £79.95, at no cost. This bundle is part of our commitment to encourage more people to embrace cycling as a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transport.

Who is eligible for the free cycling bundle?

This offer is available to residents of select areas of Norfolk participating in the AtoBetter program, funded by housing developers. Check here, for a full list of who's eligible or contact AtoBetter directly for more information.

How can I claim my free cycling bundle?

To claim your free cycling bundle, please visit and fill out the online form with the necessary details. Once your eligibility is confirmed, checkout using your voucher on our website and we will process your bundle for delivery.

What products are included in the free cycling bundle?

The free cycling bundle is a selection of our top cycling accessories and gear, including Rehook Original Chain Tool, Rehook AIR Mini Bike Pump, Gooeys Glueless Puncture Repair Patches, Rehook Cycling Water Bottle and Rehook Resilience Cycling Helmet. Each item is designed to enhance your cycling experience and ensure safety and convenience on the road.

Can the cycling bundle be exchanged for cash or other products?

The cycling bundle is specifically curated for this offer and cannot be exchanged for cash or substituted with other products. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive set of tools and accessories that support your cycling journey.

What is the delivery process for the cycling bundle?

Once your claim is processed and approved, the cycling bundle will be dispatched to your provided delivery address. Delivery usually takes 2-3 working days from the date of approval. There are no additional shipping costs for this bundle.

How does this initiative support sustainable transportation?

This initiative aligns with our mission to promote cycling as a sustainable mode of transport and enable anyone to embrace adventure.. on a bike. By providing high-quality cycling equipment for free, we aim to encourage more people to choose biking over driving, reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a healthier environment.